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  1. How dare you slam firefighters. Not all of the firefighters are trained in this type of fire and are doing the best they know how. My son however has been doing controlled burns since he was 15. He is now 25, a college graduate, has taken the courses and certifications on about every fire topic. As well as other techniques. He is trained in this. They are putting in 20 hour days trying to contain this fire. These fires go deep in the ground in root systems and these parts may take several days to put out, so fires you don’t see still have to be put out. My son went there with a small team of firefighters that do controlled burns. Sometimes big controlled burns. They just went not knowing what they will get paid. some of them are overqualified and will be making on average of 15 an hour. Much less than their day jobs that they left for this. And about the same as what some think the minimum wage should be. They are getting a few hrs of sleep if any a night in a small cleared area. In the open in sleeping bags with one guarding so they don’t get burned. So my baby is trying to keep your property and you safe. You hopefully are safe sleeping in a bed at night. These firefighters run into danger while everyone else is running out. These firefighters are from all over North America and are a band of brothers and sisters and have a bond you have no clue of.

    1. Patty thank you for your comment and visiting. I am sorry you feel the way you do. I didn’t “slam” firefighters. If you read the additional posts you will see that I give them high praise and thank them over and over again for their help.
      I DO have a clue. Friday night during evacuation there was not a firefighter to be found. ACTUALLY the truth was THEY were leaving as we were coming in through flames and smoke to stay and fight for our homes and our neighbors’. Our group of citizens fought fires, flare ups, blazes, went out by night and put out stumps and those root systems you mentioned, cut down burning trees, took THOUSANDS of gallons of water into the woods and to neighbor’s property for well over a week. Our efforts attracted the attention of many neighbors, the local authorities, the US Forest Service, the state Congressman, and the Red Cross.
      You may understand the sentiment a little better if you had known the cause of 45 homes being lost was a back burn gone bad. Our group of citizens battled the blaze below the mountain alone through the night (Friday) into the next day and into the next evening. Our group stayed up over 30 hours at a time and didn’t get anymore than 1-3 hours of sleep at a time for several days; sleeping in truck cabs, on the ground, in farmer’s fields, and along the side of the road. All this at our OWN expense. People left jobs, quit jobs, took vacation time, put their positions in possible jeopardy to help. Again, all at their own EXPENSE. Homeowners fed our men, provide resources, water from their wells, fuel, and equipment all at their own expense. A lot of men working with us would have been thrilled to be getting $15 per hour.
      We DO appreciate your baby’s help. Wildfires are nothing new to our area, thus we are not unfamiliar with the sacrifices of firefighters in our community, nor ungrateful. If you read the post closely you will see I said it was a negative sentiment that was not healthy and had no real positive outcome.
      This sentiment was not stated as mine entirely, but as those homeowners that I have spoken with. It was there and it was real. I just reported it.
      I don’t doubt your son’s and his associate’s sincere desire to fight fire as a calling. Again, if you read carefully you will see that I am careful to give much attention to the efforts of the “boots on the ground”. Yet, even your son (and likely yourself) MUST admit that these things bottleneck and red tape is rife through the system often disabling men such as your son from doing what he came to do.
      The only way to get this problem fixed is for the public and the Inter agencies to be aware of it. Too often the case is there is no raw feedback. This post is an attempt at providing that.
      Please, personally thank your son for us and try to read a little more carefully. Firefighters and their management, as heroic as it may seem, is not a perfect science beyond critique. If we pretend that we can never learn from mistakes. I hope you never have to experience what the residents and citizens of Kamiah and the surrounding area experienced.

      1. I must mention that Sean Andrews and his crew out of Kooskia, ID, showed up before the night was out, rushed in, and saved a house that was surrounded by flames. Also, as I have already mentioned Glenwood-Caribel Response Team remained – a local rural fire department.

  2. From what I understand these fires are massive and overwhelming. I and my son do have an understanding of what this loss is like. Our home, school and employers were all destroyed in hurricanes France’s and Jeanne in 2004. (Florida) We know the shock you feel when you are allowed back in and see everything totally devastated, not just your home but landmarks you are used to seeing. Home, school, work, friends homes destroyed to nothing, not knowing if they got out safe. Or if you will ever see them again. No power for months, even though there are restoration crews from all over the world. No communication for weeks. No roofs for years because of a complicated permit process. That is if the rest of the house is salvageable. The vicious fights you will have with insurance that will do anything they can from covering you and trying to quadruple your massive deductible because there were 4 storms that year. And then try to blame the damage on you. When people file they don’t realize most of their stuff is hundreds of little under $100 items. That adds up. You will need this because they will depreciate even your new stuff to garage sale like values. This fight will take years and destroy your credit. This is just the start of a long vicious fight you will have. Everyone there will have a form of PTSD that is if they are human. Hopefully everyone will come together and help each other out. FEMA was a joke, even though I paid into it big time being a coastal resident. I was denied because I usually work and I usually am not homeless and I would eventually bounce back. You all will probably get the same treatment. My sons school was shut down for months. I sent him to Missouri to be with my brother. He loved the little farm school there and graduated 1st. He refused to go back to fl. (I followed him here) And is still based in MO. I DID everything I could to get him out of a disaster area, and now he marches back into them. He is on a USAR TEAM and again marches into hurricanes and earthquakes. For about every firefighter there there is a parent worried sick if they will get hurt. They have little to no communication. Luckily my son is well trained and capable. And is doing everything he can to prevent you from having a disaster like we had to deal with.

    1. Sorry for your loss. Yes, the fire was overwhelming and devastating on Friday when 45 mph winds picked up during a scheduled back burn. The actual fire(s) started on Monday got hung up in a switch over of incident command & power and protocol slipped. Structures were not being protected as they should’ve been. Once Friday came they did a backburn in Lawyer’s Canyon that got away momentarily causing Stage 3 evacuations AFTER they were told not to burn past 11 am due to the increased temperature and lowered relative humidity. That jumped the highway, burned a few structures and destroyed over 80 ton of hay stored in the adjacent area belonging to Brian Higgins, a local cattleman. If it wasn’t for his friends up on the prairie that came with over 20 horse trailers he may have lost cows as well. THEN they did ANOTHER back burn on the Woodland Fire that by 9 pm had caused hundreds of people to be evacuated and destroyed almost 70 structures. It is not an unreasonable emotion that homeowners are feeling about back burns…
      In your disaster you must have experienced frustration at FEMA, the power company(s), telecommunications corporations, zoning commission, insurance companies, adjusters, and credit bureaus…IF there would have been a Federal agency that would have promised to STOP the hurricane you would then have been frustrated at them as well for not doing so; more so if they had actually made it WORSE.

  3. I do understand the frustration of the fear of losing property. I know that my property is not immune and i have had friends who are firefighters lose their homes to fire. However, without a true understanding of fire behavior and the dangers of fighting fire on the fireline, it is unfair to judge firefighters for their actions or reasons for monitoring a fire versus rushing right in to fight it in all cases. With the multiple incidents resulting in the death of firefighters this year, I feel it is a bit insensitive to expect firefighters to risk all to save people’s private property. Landowners have the responsibility as well, to make their properties as fire safe as possible, which would mean thinning vegetation beyond what may seem aesthetically preferable. The fact is, that property can be replaced…Human life is not replaceable. I have worked long, hard days on assignments on many fires with many firefighters and all of them work very hard every day and are more than willing to continue doing so. The fact is, that their safety is also of the utmost importance and squirrelly and unpredictable weather and fire behavior is very dangerous and in many cases, there is nothing any one can do to stop the fire under those conditions.

    1. Kristen, thank you for your comment. I realize this is drawing a lot of attention from people. This seems to have struck a nerve. Somehow, the praise, gratefulness, and recognition that I HAVE given to firefighters hasn’t drawn near the attention. The post is over a week old; maybe I should change the name to ‘Past Sentiment’. Again, let me be clear on several points:
      I have NEVER asked nor expected ANYONE to RISK THEIR LIFE to save my property or that of other owners. We actually saved our own. We all know that possessions can be replaced, but a life is lost forever. No questionable activity was based on property loss vs loss of human life. NOBODY that lives here is that callus or uncaring! Yet, at this point many residents are not concerned with ‘sensitivity’, but effectiveness. Sensitivity is overrated and is crippling to dialogue in this nation. Everyone is afraid to talk about the real problems for fear of being insensitive and subsequently censored from the debate without regard to the validity of their points they bring. So everyone dances around the issue, but never truly addresses it. Welcome to Politically Correct.
      Do you or anyone else have a ‘true’ understanding of fire behavior? Who are we kidding?…No one can control or predict fire behavior except for one thing: It indiscriminately burns everything combustable in its path. To pretend there is no room for improvement or that this fire was managed flawlessly is to deceive ourselves. Why is it so wrong to critique? Does government know EVERYTHING? Is EVERY agency of the Federal government beyond criticism or just the ones that have an emotional attachment to the populace? I am NOT anti-government; I am thankful for government, but in many, many people’s mind there is room for improvement.
      True, I have not been on the front-lines of a monster blaze so cannot speak from experience on that subject, but we did fight fire on over 100 acres and stopped it where stood…putting it out.
      Reasons. Yes, let us talk about reasons. For instance, why did water trucks sit on Caribel Rd. for three days (Tues, Wed., Thurs.) while local farmers tried to get them to put water on the Lolo Canyon fires behind their places while it was small, but to no avail. It wasn’t ‘their job’. Why did my cousin get screamed at by his fire boss for requesting to spray an old lady’s trailer down with the water truck, while the fire was coming, instead of cleaning a nutcase’s deck off, removing trinkets and lawn ornaments? Again, the water trucks sat. Why did he sleep in a water truck for two days without spraying water on ANYTHING? I am sure many good things happened with good reasoning behind it. But let’s not ignore the fact that 42 homes were destroyed by this fire and likely subsequent of an unmanageable backburn.
      Yes, we understand the unpredictable nature of fires. Farmers burn their fields up here every year without burning towns down. Thank you for making my point. If fire is so unpredictable, along with the weather, then where, in the name of sanity do we decide that we need MORE fires in that kind of inclement and unpredictable weather?!? That’s a fair question. Let’s put the fires out that we can before we start more…
      Once again, I must explain that I am not speaking ill of those that are boots on the ground. It is management that is need of revision. We are grateful for all the firefighters that put their all into helping here – from everywhere! I could go on and on and on. I could talk about the fires over on the Reuben’s side, the Lawyer Creek Complex, the residents over there who I have spoke to. I could take about the “Kueterville Cowboys” who, 41 of them established a fire line down into the canyon throughout the night while the IDL stood watching and saying it couldn’t be done AFTER refusing to let his crew do it. I could talk about Brian Higgins barn, cows, 80 ton of hay, and again, the Kueterville Cowboys who came with 25+ horse trailers to save his cows from an out of control ‘controlled burn’. I could talk about Clint Mader and his loss and first hand knowledge of fire mismanagement. What about Bill Kinzer Ranch and many more? You see, I am not just spouting hate, rhethoric, dislike or distrust for government, its agencies and their personnel. We are not just a prepper, a survivalist, a skinhead, a neo-nazi, an anti-government type (although Lord knows they are all around). We are honest, hard-working, land and property owners who are fair and honest in dealings and know a good turn and a bad turn when we see it.

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