Neighborly Cooperation

3 thoughts on “Neighborly Cooperation”

  1. As we have spoken about, you attack the fire with the same or higher blatant disregard for it’s safety and well being as it showed for us and our property. Not meaning to anthropomorphize an elemental force, as it is a force without feeling or logic. You don’t manage a fire, you put it out, you don’t try to finesse it or negotiate, you destroy it. We showed that the fire could be fought, stopped, and extinguished with fewer men, less equipment, a tiny fraction of the money, and just plain old common sense. I am not levelling this at the firefighters, but at their management and their theory of how to fight wildfires. We considered it over when a fire was out, not headed in the right direction, not moving toward the right area, OUT.
    Thanks for your coverage of this fire Mr. O’Brian you perfectly capture the sentiment of those of us that fought with you, and present your thoughts in a concise and thought provoking manner. You have a dedicated blog follower here!

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