A Fresh Perspective

Thanks to everyone who is following this blog and my attempt at chronicling this life changing event for our community. Thanks to all of the inter-agency firefighters who are doing what they can against the ‘Beast’ of the Clearwater Complex…and thanks to circumstances that have taken me over a 1,000 miles away to give me a fresh perspective…” Continue reading A Fresh Perspective


A More Perfect Union and UPDATE on Clearwater Fire Complex

The South has Risen again!  To the occasion our Southern brothers have finally arrived having driven non-stop from SE Texas, a distance of 2,150 miles. Right now our group of homeowners and concerned citizens are battling the blaze that the U.S. Forest Service told us yesterday to NOT put out.  Our group is standing by … Continue reading A More Perfect Union and UPDATE on Clearwater Fire Complex

Current Sentiment

NOTE:  It is interesting that of all posts (many positive or informative) on the Clearwater Complex this has drawn the largest audience, evidently being linked all over Facebook.  This is one post please read the others before drawing conclusions.  Please see this additional post for more information. A local resident reflects the current sentiment that unfortunately … Continue reading Current Sentiment