Another 38 Acres

FACT: In the 1800’s a man with a horse/mule and a single bottom plow could only plow 1 acre per day. Almost 40 days of plowing for a field this size!!  Thank God for tractors!!!! Finished!  The seed is in the ground…    As you can see it was finished right at sunset, albeit the … Continue reading Another 38 Acres

Trail 107 – #6

Hello all!  This will be the last post in the Trail 107 series.  It was an enjoyable day hike and I hope to go back soon.  Thank you for your interest and feedback! I hope these are not too redundant for my audience.  They are the best of the remaining shots from this hike.  Let … Continue reading Trail 107 – #6

Trail 107 – #3

Thanks to my followers for your interest.  This is another in the Canyon Creek Trail 107 series.  The day hike was beautiful and oddly enough, didn’t seem to be touched much by either the fire(s) that burned quite close nor the low moisture and lack of rain.  It is a little oasis tucked between two … Continue reading Trail 107 – #3