Winter Subject

The barn never moved, never blinked, reminding me why I do landscapes – I’m just not very good at portraits. When you see a good scene you have to move a bit, but it never does. I snapped these shots last week while we were replenishing the cows supply of bundled dry grass (hay). Hope … Continue reading Winter Subject

Finally Released!

After spending several weeks in Audible’s QC, this title is finally available!  The production is very good and quite engaging, if I do say so myself.  Even if you have already read this book, the audio version is worth listening to, as it adds a new dimension to the story altogether under the masterful narration … Continue reading Finally Released!

Another Surprise?

So, The Last Nazi in audio format is in QC by right now and should be moving quickly (or slowly) toward release soon.  (I’ve had both experiences). Christian Chapman did a fantastic job in production and listening to the story in review was captivating and at times intense.  He nailed it! Of course, this is … Continue reading Another Surprise?